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Quran (24:35)


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This is what Shobhaa De, pseudo-intellectual voice of the upper middle class, has to say about the Deepika/TOI controversy:

In today’s red carpet age, top stars across the world are pictured in garments that leave little to the imagination - Miley Cyrus wore nothing more modest than tantalising pasties to an event last week. Surely, a red carpet veteran like Padukone, who has been widely photographed in the most revealing haute couture (remember the stunning ‘Vogue’ cover shoot?), can’t have turned coy overnight? Most of her contemporaries routinely appear at glam events dressed in skimpier outfits. What does any of this have to do with feminism? The cameras will leer and peer. That’s what cameras do. Where and who draws the line? What is that line? Is reckless backless okay, even if it’s cut all the way down to where the butt start? Are gowns with thigh high cuts that go all the way up to the crotch fine? What about slinky outfits with interestingly positioned cut-outs that make it clear no under garments are involved? But a cleavage offends? I don’t get it.

How is Deepika’s cleavage more provocative than Aamir Khan’s… ummm…groin or SRK’s eight pack? Umpteen publicity pictures have flashed SRK’s sculpted body recently. In what way is that display more ‘acceptable’ when it comes to the objectification game? Why no gender neutrality here? In today’s competitive times, most female actors are saying, “Have cleavage, will flaunt!” And we are not talking about Poonam Pandey alone. Our heroes hit the gym for a purpose - to show off their hard work in public! Nobody screams “exploitation” when that happens. 

Deepika Padukone has a divine body. Fans have seen most of it by now. Her comfort level while displaying her toned self  in movies like Cocktail and Goliyon Ki Raasleela - Ram Leela have earned her countless admirers, many of them young women who would love to possess her chutzpah and daring, when it comes to baring.

Too bad, this brush with a few vital inches has generated so much heat for and around Bollywood’s biggest hottie. Now, wait a minute - hottie? That’s a pretty sexist term! How come nobody has protested so far? 

Because I’m sure this mirrors the thinking of a lot of people, and because I’m tired of answering questions about it, let’s get a few things straight.

There is a difference between wearing a bikini in a movie and having a camera shoved down your dress. There is a difference between wearing miniskirts, slitted gowns, and backless dresses…and having a newspaper zoom in on your breasts and create a headline out of it. The difference is agency. I decide how much of my body to show. You don’t get to decide for me by looming over me with voyeuristic camera angles and tasteless headlines. Tell me, all those creeps who film up girls’ skirts at the mall, is it their fault for violating the privacy and bodily agency of the girl, or is it the girl’s fault for wearing a miniskirt in the first place? What do women have to do to keep men from preying on them, walk around in abayas 24/7? Covering your body is fine if society hasn’t forced you into it by becoming the journalistic embodiment of a creepy mall guy! Miley Cyrus DECIDED to wear pasties to an event. Deepika Padukone DECIDED to pose in revealing couture, in a controlled environment where she has final approval on all the images used. She did not decide to have her cleavage blown up and used as clickbait. Once you take that choice away from women, you’re exploiting them. Once you take it upon yourself to decide how much they should reveal and in one what way, you’re actively deciding to take away their bodily agency.

The fact that an educated individual would even attempt to compare what TOI did to Aamir Khan CHOOSING TO POSE in the nude for a PK poster, or SRK “flaunting” his abs in Happy New Year, says a lot about what society thinks of women. Men are not objectified by default. Men can walk around without a shirt on without being sexualized. Men are not judged when they do decide to reveal their bodies. There is no equality. There isn’t even a hint of gender neutrality in the “objectification game”. It’s not a game for women. Men can take a timeout from being respectable members of society to pose in the nude for a film poster. A woman who chooses to reveal certain parts of her body becomes public property. And the unwanted objectification of women actively endangers them. Don’t believe me? Take a look at all the rape apologists who blame a woman for her choice of clothing for what befalls her.

Yes, Deepika has a divine body, one that she’s comfortable showing off under certain circumstances. The quality of her figure doesn’t negate her right to choose how to display it. This isn’t even about body parts. When will people realize that the difference between Deepika’s cleavage and SRK’s abs is that people (read: men) get off on having the power to obtain these voyeuristic images because society has taught them that they have ownership over a woman’s body, whether she likes it or not? Breasts are breasts. Every woman has them. They’re not special in and of themselves. But take those images against a woman’s will and sensationalize that robbery of agency, and you’ve created a culture where “journalists” take what they want from women, consent be damned. 

If you don’t think that kind of culture is disgusting and unworthy of upholding, then I don’t know what to tell you.

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